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Richard Solo

In 1972, a U.C. Hastings student started a part-time office supply
business. He named it "Sharper Image" as a reference to the quality of
the copies created by the copy machines he was selling.

After graduating from law school, he passed the California bar exam and
practiced law, but only for about a year. He voluntarily quit
practicing law, as he found a product he believed would sell well — a
runner's watch. Later, he discovered additional products that allowed
The Sharper Image to increase sales, and open retail stores nationwide.

The company's most successful product was the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier.
It was also the product which caused the company to go bankrupt due to
negative rating by Consumer Reports magazine.

The founder of the Sharper Image, Mr. Richard Thalheimer, was ousted as
the CEO and is now on his own. He operates a business named Richard
Solo as a reference to the fact that he is no longer part of the Sharper

There is, however, one more Richard who operates solo. But unlike the
Richard from Richard Solo who does so voluntarily, the other Richard
does so involuntarily; and has been doing so for the last 14 months out
a solitary confinement cell located in the L.A. County Jail.

Richard, who is currently 70 years old, has been practicing law for the
last 35 years. He obtained his J.D. from the University of Chicago, and
a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. At one point, he served as
the U.S. Ambassador to Norway.

While practicing law he was selected as Lawyer of the Decades 1976-2006,
Awarded by the California Black Republican Women's Council and the
Judea Christian Alliance; Certificate of Special Congressional
Recognition "in recognition of outstanding service to the community";
California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition; California State
Board of Equalization Resolution "for outstanding dedication and service
to the taxpayers of the community".

The crew at http://lesliebrodie.blog.co.uk/ became familiar with the
saga concerning Richard Fine while exposing/investigating and
complaining to the authorities the Ronald Stovitz Scandal.

Most of the materials on the internet concerning Richard Fine is
disorganized and incoherent. As such, it is hard to follow as to who is
playing, and against whom. Apparently, Judge Richard Honn manage to
figure it out, and while using sports metaphors in his decision,
disbarred him. As I am not familiar with the details of the case at all,
I have no basis of knowing whether disbarment was called for or not. As
such, we express no opinion as to the proceedings which took place
before the State Bar Court.

However, a decision has been made to land a hand to the efforts of
releasing Richard from his confinement. Our efforts will consist of
posting updates on this medium, and utilizing the crew to further
publicize the cause. As mentioned in the past, the purpose of this blog
is to expose/report/advance complaints about corruption, and not offer
legal counsel. As such, no legal advise will be provided to Mr. Fine in
any way whatsoever.

The reasons for supporting Richard's release from jail has to do with
the fact that never in the history of this country a person was held in
contempt for such a long period of time. At least I am not aware of
any. His advance age, and the fact that there is very little support
for him also played a factor. One wonders as to why the ACLU never got

When a terrorist and a sworn enemy of this country was subjected to
several ounces of water being poured into his mouth, torture was the
word of the day, for weeks. In the case of Fine, silence is.

I hate to say it, but I think that because Richard Fine is Jewish and an
attorney, the cards are stacked against him, as both generate very
little sympathy. This fact also played a role in the decision to
support and help Richard in gaining his freedom.


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